Eat, drink and be merry....

Discover the taste of the Aosta Valley with it's typical local products: it's cheeses such as Fontina and Fromadzo, or it's hams – Jambon di Bosse, Jambon de Saint Marcel, motzetta or “boudin” sausages.

Savour our high quality locally produced wines such as Torrette, l’Enfer d’Arvier, Petite Arvine, Blanc de Morgex and many more....

You'll love our sweets such as the traditional “Tegole Valdostane” (a biscuit made with only nut flours) and our mountain liqueurs like Génépy. And don't forget to finish you meal with a “friendship coffee” (often called Grolla), a spectacular local speciality.

On the quest for these delicacies you'll come across many festivals dedicated to the treasures of our local cuisine.

The most important are:

Féhta dou lar d'Arnad

Feste delle mele of Antey Saint André e Gressan

Marché au fort at Bard

Sagra della “Seupa à la Vapelenentse” at Valpelline

Sagra del miele di Châtillon


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